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3 min readNov 30, 2021


DYOR Audit and CoinEx Smart Chain’s Strategic Partnership
DYOR Audit x CoinEx Smart Chain — Strategic Partnership!

Another momentous day and we have another great partner on-board! Presenting CoinEx Smart Chain or simply put — CSC is a leading Blockchain with Full EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Compatibility from the trusted house of ViaBTC, CoinEx Exchange & ViaBTC Capital who’ve established themselves as market leaders right from 2016!

The entire DYOR Audit Team and community is excited to be a part of the CoinEx Smart Chain strategic association that will help further strengthen our mutual push for increasing legitimacy and progress towards open finance and decentralization!

$DYOR Token — Public Pre-Sale — CoinEx Smart Chain — Ethereum — Binance Smart Chain — Polygon
$DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale — CoinEx Smart Chain — Ethereum — Binance Smart Chain — Polygon

The $DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale now allows users to buy the $DYOR Token over CoinEx Smart Chain as well, apart from, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and— Polygon.

$DYOR Tokens can be purchased via the two most popular stable coins — USDC & USDT on CSC and the 3 other mentioned blockchains above.

DYOR Audit x CoinEx Smart Chain — Strategic Partnership!
DYOR Audit x CoinEx Smart Chain — Strategic Partnership!

We have even brought the CoinEx Smart Chain under our umbrella of supported Blockchains to offer our DYOR Multi-Chain LaunchPad Ecosystem 🚀 and custom Value Added Services — VAS services offered!

The DYOR Multi-Chain LaunchPad 🚀 now supports CoinEx Smart Chain
The DYOR Multi-Chain LaunchPad 🚀 now supports CoinEx Smart Chain

We look forward to our cherished association with the CoinEx Smart Chain Team and are absolutely certain of ushering a new dawn towards building robust DApps for a better Crypto & De-Fi community!

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CoinEx Smart Chain official links:

  1. Website: https://www.CoinEx.org
  2. Main-Net Explorer: https://www.coinex.net
  3. Test-Net Explorer: https://testnet.coinex.net
  4. WhitePaper: https://www.coinex.org/CSCWhitepaper_en.pdf?t=0531
  5. Dev Docs: https://docs.coinex.org/#/en-us/introduction
  6. Medium: https://coinexsmartchain.medium.com
  7. Telegram: https://t.me/CoinExChain
  8. Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinEx_CSC


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