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3 min readJul 17, 2021
Doing Your Own Research — Can prevent you from being scammed.

Security continues to be that evergreen flavor which prefers to evade the Crypto Community at large! The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space too is plagued by Rug-Pulls and hacks as we, the DYOR team work furiously on fulfilling our commitment to building a decentralized audit system.

Bondly Finance, a major DeFi player was potentially rug pulled when 373 Million $BONDLY tokens were maliciously minted from the owner address causing prices to crash.

These attacks continue to haunt legitimate projects as well. They’re forced to beef up their contract security and seek thorough audits from quality firms. We’ve also seen interest grow for our audit services from multiple prospects. In light of the dire need for security services, the DYOR team has decided to expedite Our Road-Map and launch our audit offering.

DYOR Audits are not only conclusive but inexpensive as well.

DYOR Audit Service Features

The DYOR team includes well versed security researchers and smart contract developers with lengthy experience in the cryptocurrency markets. We provide smart contract audits that identify and eliminate vulnerabilities within the code(s) presented to us.

We offer a comprehensive 5-tier checking system — an intensive line by line manual check by the clinical analysis and security wing of the DYOR team itself, followed by multi-layered vulnerability scans that are performed using state of the art proprietary software, an incentivized community check (currently being implemented in our testing-net) and another through the DYOR PURGE PROTOCOL - which we are extremely proud to be introducing very soon!

Once the check’s done, we will provide the recommendations for code changes to our prospective clients. The changes recommended must be done and the vulnerabilities found are to be solved. Only and only then will a final report be issued, keeping in mind the best interests of the investors/yield farmers! The issued final report will be comprehensive and easy to understand for even the average investor.

We also provide KYC Verification as a value added service for a minimal extra charge. The KYC Verification report will be added along with the main audit and will help further strengthen the audited project’s overall assessment score. Projects must consider this as a necessary information add on along with the code audit - to provide a major layer of transparency to their investors. All these services will be provided at a cost effective rate compared to our peers in the market.

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What lies next?

DYOR Audit is the future of how security audits will take place and continue to evolve!

In our initial Road-Map, we had envisioned offering our audit services in return for clients staking our $DYOR Tokens. However considering the state of numerous frauds happening in the Crypto & DeFi space, payment will be through other cryptocurrencies for now, until the launch of our upcoming DYOR Audit Yield Farm. We find this as a boon for our DYOR investors. This is due to the availability of a clientele record that can attract prospects after the audit farm launch date boosting value for $DYOR Tokens from day 1 itself.

The work on the audit farm is going strong with the launch expected within a couple of weeks. With our audit service launching now, we hope to set the first step for an audit standard which is inclusive for community participation.

Community participation on audit standards incentivized through the $DYOR Token is the missing link to a truly dynamic, decentralized security audit system. And we can’t wait for you to step in and join us in our movement.

Stay tuned for more !

What’s all the hype around DYOR Audit’s — PURGE PROTOCOL?


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