$DYOR Token Pre-Sale — Now Live!

DYOR AuditPublic Pre-Sale Now Live!

It’s finally time for the occasion we’ve all been waiting for! The DYOR Audit Team has been working tirelessly to ascertain the opportune moment for us to launch the $DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale; but first let’s get you upto speed with the major developments that we’ve had!

DYOR Updated Road-Map and Major Developments:

All NewDYOR Audit — Updated Roadmap!

It’s been an exciting couple of months ever since we decided to take the plunge into re-instating the much needed legitimacy in the #Crypto & #DeFi space and who better than one of the leading #Blockchains out there — Polygon decided to help steer us in the right direction with their knowledge, dedicated support and other valuable resources to aid us in building the DYOR Audit Decentralized Ecosystem!

DYOR AuditPolygon

We are truly grateful to the Polygon Team for helping us scale with not only our own platform, but also with offering a lending hand towards the clients for whom we are currently building NFT Marketplaces, Battle Royale Games, Launchpads and many more exciting DApps which we will soon announce to our communities.

Apart from the above, we have also finalized a dedicated and robust Updated Roadmap that will help us scale the entire DYOR Audit Decentralized Ecosystem to the next level. Our plan isn’t to become another flash in the pan De-Fi project. We’re here to stay and to make sure this space is not only cleant up for good, but also bring in new users, especially those who are unaware about the benefits of everything that’s built on-top of the #Blockchain.

Time to buy your $DYOR Tokens via Pre-Sale:

DYOR AuditPublic Pre-Sale Hosted & Now Live on the DYOR DEX!

Unlike most other ICOs/IDOs that raise capital via 3rd-Party services — merely because they do not have the means to have already set-up a working and viable product of their own, DYOR Audit Team prides itself in having established the $DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale on our very own DEX which offers added level of security and sophistication for a truly seamless buying experience!

Having our Public Pre-Sale built on top of our very own DEX also allows us to showcase our team’s vast experience and commitment with actually having built Web3 DApps prior to any fundraising.

$DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale — CoinEx Smart Chain — Ethereum — Binance Smart Chain — Polygon

The $DYOR TokenPublic Pre-Sale allows users to buy the $DYOR Token over the blockchain of their choice. Whether it is CoinEx Smart Chain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or our recommended choice with the lowest gas fees — Polygon.

$DYOR Tokens can be purchased via the two most popular stable coins — USDC & USDT on any of the 4 mentioned blockchains above.

$DYOR Token@ $1

After various consultations with our team and other financial experts, we decided on fixating at a reasonable initial price-point for the $DYOR Token.

$1 is what we believe is the perfect starting point for us to not only raise capital to expand building on our Updated Roadmap, but to also offer our early investors and supporters steady returns on their investments.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re giving 10% Bonus $DYOR Tokens to all those who buy $DYOR via USDC or USDT on top of Polygon — MATIC.

But before you jump straight into buying your $DYOR Tokens we recommend you have a thorough look at our WhitePaper and Tokenomics:

Click Link — WhitePaper and Tokenomics

Ready to buy your $DYOR Tokens? Watch our YouTube video below:

How to buy $DYOR? | Pre-Sale — Now Live! | #BuyNow | DYOR Audit | #DYORAudit


Do stay tuned by following us only on our Official Social Accounts below:

📲 TG Group: https://t.me/DYORauditGroup

📲 TG Announcement: https://t.me/DYORauditChannel

📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DYORaudit

📲 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgPvtqvCzdkmXshVW0lTBA

📲 GitBook: https://dyor-audit.gitbook.io/dyor-audit

📲 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DYORaudit

📲 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dyoraudit

📲 GitHub: https://github.com/DYOR-Audit




The 1st Decentralized Audit Yield Farm, DApp Builder Platform & Multi-Chain LaunchPad 🚀

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DYOR Audit

DYOR Audit

The 1st Decentralized Audit Yield Farm, DApp Builder Platform & Multi-Chain LaunchPad 🚀

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